How to Create Festive Thanksgiving Decorations from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

How to Create Festive Thanksgiving Decorations

How to Create Festive Thanksgiving Decorations from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Thanksgiving is a time of year when the evenings are getting dark earlier, the chill is beginning to set in, and the lovely autumn leaves of October are off the trees. The fairs and festivals of summer are over, and people are spending more time indoors. Beautiful and inviting decorations can help make this a festive, inviting time. Here are some ideas on how to create festive Thanksgiving decorations for your home and office.

1. Candle Wreaths

Candles are a perfect decoration for the darker days of late fall. They bring a cozy light indoors and provide a festive atmosphere. Remember never to leave a candle unattended, and keep all flammable objects and decorations well away from the flame.

These are fun because you can make them in all kinds of sizes and put them in bay windows, on sideboards, tables, and wherever it’s safe to have a candle. To make candle wreaths, you’ll need:

* Floral foam rings of various sizes
* Dried or silk flowers and/or leaves
* Pillar candles and votive candles
* Clear glass holders such as hurricane shades for the pillar candles and clear glass holders for the votives

Cut the silk or dried flowers and leaves so that you have a stiff stem to press into the foam rings. Use a hot glue gun if you need to reinforce the flowers or if you don’t have a stem to push into the foam. Then place the candle holders and candles in the center, and place wherever you like. You could even place one at each guest’s place at the table and let them take the wreath and candle home.

2. Pumpkin Vase

For an unusual Thanksgiving centerpiece, use a pumpkin for a vase. Here’s how.

Cut the top off of a pumpkin and hollow it out as you would for a Halloween jack-o-lantern. Inside, place a large plastic container full of water or floral foam (it doesn’t matter what the container looks like since it will be covered in the pumpkin). Place cut flowers such as mums and other seasonal plants into the floral foam or container until you have a nice arrangement.

3. Platter of Plenty

Many households have more platters than they can use. Pull one out to use as a centerpiece or a decoration on a bay window or mantle.

On the platter, arrange colorful gourds, decorative field corn, and fall squash on the platter. Put the tallest, largest objects in the center and work outward. Fill in with ivy, mums, and pretty seed pods and branches from outdoors. This is a great time to use all those acorns that are crunching under your feet outdoors!

4. Fall Fruit Basket

Place this in a prominent place in your home and encourage family members and guests to partake, then replenish! It’s healthy and beautiful. All you need is a pretty basket, dried or silk flowers, a hot glue gun, brown and green tissue paper, and some plastic wrap.

First, line the inside of the basket with plastic, then with the brown and green tissue. This is where your fruit will go.

Then, hot glue dried or silk flowers to the outside of the basket, grouping similar flowers together. Fill the middle with fruit and set out for everyone to enjoy.

All of these ideas could also be used in your business to greet visitors, uplift workers and add a bit of festivities to the office.

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