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Creative Home Decor Ideas for Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner and just a few more days there’ll be a sea of kids trick or treating and begging for candy. The fort condos for sale are all going to be filled up soon and next year, also full of children knocking on neighbor’s doors with sacks ready to be filled with candy.

Although some people don’t like decorating for Halloween or only make do with what’s on sale at the nearest toy store, others are very passionate about the holiday. So if you’re one of those who love the celebrations, here are some Halloween (or all year round) decorations that are definitely spooktacular.


If you’ve seen any mad scientist movies, you’ve probably seen all those bottles of vague and possibly very poisonous liquids with worn off labels. Those are great decor and you can even make them yourself! All you’ll need are unused bottles of medicine, preferably those that are made of brown glass, or bottles of hard liquor. Put some water with some food coloring in it, or maybe some wilting flowers. Print some labels using some deco-art fonts and put it on the bottles. Don’t you just love the aesthetic of ominous apothecaries?


One thing that’s in every horror movie has are candles. What’s creepier than putting candles around the house? For your and everyone else’s safety, it’s better to use battery operated candles and not the real thing. Put out some candelabras and fit the candles in and light them up near windows or corners, and turn off your lights. Perfect.


Who could forget those fake cobwebs stuck on the windows of every shop window? Put as much as you want on your windows, on doors and on the ceiling. You can even throw in some creepy crawling spiders to complete that feel.


Horror movies won’t ever run out of creepy paintings. Print out some creepy photos from the 19th century and paste them on thick, black construction paper and mount them on some surfaces in your home. Make it even creepier by putting single candelabras with lit (electric or LED) candles and decorating with more cobwebs. Or instead of candles, you can put out some creepy lanterns! Again, for your safety, it’s better to use electric or LED ones instead of the real thing. There might be some specific lanterns for Halloween decoration at the toy store.


One of the creepiest places around are cemeteries, and what better way to decorate than a trio of headstones? Together with that, put some wreaths of black roses on your door. Nothing says creepy anything than suspicious black flowers.


If you’re looking for a cuter Halloween celebration, how about recycling some jars? Wrap some black and orange yarn on those jars, pop in some lit tealight candles. Once more, it’s better to use electric or LED candles for your safety. Add some spiders crawling about to creep out your kids or your guests, and viola, you’ve got yourself an easy DIY decoration!

Halloween is indeed one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. Adults can go around scaring each other or children, and children can enjoy as much candy as they want! Just remember to keep safe when lighting candles.



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