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Through our daily lives, we will accumulate many belongings, that is just a basic fact. It’s how we deal with those belongings though that decides whether our homes become a dumping ground of sorts for random items that really don’t add value to your home. We also buy things like clothes maybe because of fashion trends but often out of necessity too. Without realizing it though, we can make our homes become a cluttered space and this can have an impact on how we view our property and how we enjoy it. Carrying out a declutter project shouldn’t be done for the whole entire home at once. This would really overwhelm and would take a long time. It’s best to break the project into separate tasks, even small ones because even small progress will deliver a sense of achievement and encourage you to move ahead to the next stage. Take it a drawer at a time if you have to perhaps the time is not on your side. A good wardrobe clearout is something that can have other benefits too such as allowing you to donate to charity so that others might benefit from items you no longer need or require. Take your time with the declutter and start with the worst spot first and work your way through that before moving ahead to the next area.

The guys at EZ Living have put together this infographic which includes everything you’ll need to know about a decluttering project. It includes the benefits of carrying out this work; it details some of the methods you can use to do the declutter and it also does a room by room explanation of how to do a successful declutter project that you can be proud of for your home.

Check it out below!

Decluttering Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

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  1. Sometimes people get so sentimental with things that they have a hard time decluttering their home. But it’s a good thing to declutter to give some space to some new stuff. Very nice infographic you have there, by the way 🙂

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