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Decorate with Mabel’s Labels

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Just a reminder that you only have a few more days to take advantage of Mabel’s Labels birthday deal – 40% off Shoe Labels AND 40% off Preschool Shoe Labels! This incredible birthday sale ends 3/31 so head on over to Mabel’s Labels and buy yours today!

mabel shoe

40% off Shoe Labels: Mabel’s personalized Shoe Labels are extra tough and waterproof. They easily peel and stick to the insoles of footwear to help you keep everything from boots to ballet slippers organized. Shop Now >>

toddler shoes

40% off Preschool Shoe Labels: Personalize your toddler shoes with these cute, educational labels. You get a choice of 5 sweet designs, including: butterfly, turtle, star, lightning bolt and soccer ball. Plus, these labels will help your little ones tell their left feet from their right! Shop Now >>

Remember that Mabel’s Labels offers free shipping to the US on all orders! Plus Mabel’s labels is a quick and easy way to  decorate those plastic Easter eggs instead of going through all the trouble of hard boiling and dying Easter eggs. This is an easy kid friendly way to decorate with less mess and less time. And let’s face it time is valuable. So which would you rather do spend time boiling the eggs and then mixing the food coloring or just going to the store and buying plastic eggs and then use some stickers you got from Mabel’s Labels to decorate. I know which one I would choose which one would you?

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