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Did Michelle Obama Get It Wrong?

All Girls Rock

I was appalled to see in my news feed that our First Lady attended a conference and made the statement that Black Girls Rock. I understand that she was at a conference that empowered black women but by making that statement she has alienated those that are not African-American. I as a mom to mixed children (my girls are half hispanic) have seen first hand how words that are meant to empower are instead taken the wrong way. Now don’t get me wrong although I am not very fond of her husband I think Michelle Obama has been a wonderful First Lady and we have always taught our girls to look past color and see the person that is inside but it is statements such as the one the First Lady made that can set us back.

Can you imagine if Barbara Bush or Nancy Reagan had said the same thing but instead of saying Black Girls Rock that used the word White ? You can just imagine the backlash right. Now is the time to unite the country instead of dividing it and when we point out someone’s race than we are doing everything to encourage prejudice. When can we as a country look past the color of one’s skin to see the person underneath. By saying Black Girls Rock instead of Girls Rock, Mrs. Obama has alienated those of other races and nationalities. I know they say hindsight is twenty twenty but as First Lady she should be encouraging to all girls no matter the race.

So tell me what are your thoughts on this subject?

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