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The Difference Between Winning and Losing

- Difference in Winning

The other day when I finally getting around to cleaning out the email inbox I came upon this quote that just stuck with me. It was about the difference between winning and losing. Do you know what that difference is? It is not quitting. I will admit that am guilty of quitting a majority of the time! My frustrations get the best of me and I just give in.

Sometimes it is a good thing because after I clear my mind for a while, I can go back to the project and try again. But sometimes, I get the attitude that it is never going to turn out right so why even bother.

I tend to do this a lot. I strive so hard for perfection that in the end I tend to get frustrated and give up. I then start to talk negatively to myself telling myself that how could anything I ever do turn out right because I am such a screw-up. That kind of negative self-talk I have come to learn is the devil whispering in my ears.

I have been reading an awesome book lately, that has helped me to overcome this kind of negativity. It is called Heavenly Help Experiencing the Holy Spirit in Everyday Life by Sarah Bowling. If you want to check it out you can find it here. In this book, I have learned so much that my mind is swimming with all the information but the most important thing that I have learned from this is that I am a beautiful woman of God who if I let Him will send the Holy Spirit to walk with me daily. The only thing I need to do is ask and receive it. So that is what I am doing I am asking and receiving and looking forward to letting go of the negative self-talk and looking forward to a journey filled with no more quitting.

I am learning to be more comfortable with who I am and the first step of this journey is getting in front of the camera instead of always being behind it. Here is the first picture in my journey.

beautiful woman of God (1)

So remember the difference between winning and losing is never giving up and throw the negative self-talk to the curb.



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