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Is it difficult to save money on your energy bills during summer?


Are your energy bills making it difficult for you to plan and follow a budget? If yes, then you should know there are ways to save energy and in turn, save your precious dollars. These are simple tricks following which you can save on your utility bills during summer.

Set up a clothesline in your bathroom – Sounding strange? But, you can do it. You can save a lot of energy and in turn, your dollars if you don’t use the dryer and hang your clothes on a line. But, if a clothesline is prohibited in your area, you can set up a clothesline in a shower stall. Moreover, doing so, you can save on your water bill, too.

Save energy while using dishwasher and washing machine – You can skip the “dry” cycle on your dishwasher or opt for “air dry” instead of “heat dry”. Likewise, do laundry in cold water; it is good for your clothes, too.

Know the non-peak hours of your power company – Search the internet or call your power company to know the non-peak hours. The charges are relatively low during this time. But, have clear knowledge. The non-peak hour may be different during summer and winter months.

Buy a smart thermostat – Buying a programmable thermostat is a wise investment; purchasing a smart thermostat is a better one. A programmable thermostat cuts off the power once the temperature, you set, is reached. A smart thermostat, though more expensive, allows you to monitor and control your room temperature remotely via your mobile phone app. You can turn your thermostat off from outside and just switch on the air cooling a few minutes before you reach your home. It doesn’t have to go on an entire day to enter into a cool room.

Switch on the ceiling fans – You can save a lot of energy by switching on your ceiling fans instead of relying only on AC. When your room is cool or you’re occupying only one room, then ceiling fans, running in a counter-clockwise direction, can make your feel cooler.

Clean the air filter
 – If the air filter of your air conditioner gets clogged, its efficiency decreases. It’s not also good for breathing. So, vacuum the air filters regularly.

Close air conditioning vents when not required – When all your family members are in the family room, close the vents and doors of the guest room and the basement to stop wasting energy for cooling the areas you don’t need.

Plug leaks of electrical outlets – Often air-conditioned air goes out from the electrical outlets on your exterior walls. You can stop this by plugging them.

Unplug your devices when not in use – Do you turn off the devices but keep it plugged? From next time, unplug it. The devices can drain power if they’re switched off but plugged on. You can also buy a Smart Strip that automatically cuts power when devices get fully charged.

Do not open your oven doors frequently – Whenever you open the oven door, it emits hot air. So, when you’re cooking, use the inside light to check on your meal and open the door only when your food is ready. You can also look for oven recipes that give exact time and temperature to cook your food hassle-free.

Give yourself a break from power cords and networks. Is this possible? Yes, it is. Instead of playing computer games, why not invite your friends to a poker party? This way, you can spend time with real friends instead of virtual friends on Facebook. It will also help you unwind and remain stress-free and healthy.

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