DIY Interior Design Tips Everyone Needs
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DIY Interior Design Tips Everyone Needs

DIY Interior Design Tips Everyone Needs

After spending so much time at home over the last year, I’m ready for a change. With summer around the corner, I’m sprucing up the house just in time for Memorial Day. Since hiring a professional can be expensive, I knew I wanted to DIY my interior redesign. With a few easy steps, my home looks magazine-ready. Check out these DIY interior design tips, y’all, and you’ll be able to get professional results without the professional price tag.

Statement Pieces

A statement piece can be anything that creates a wow factor. I prefer a gorgeous couch, but an accent wall, a captivating work of art, or even a bold rug can be a statement piece. Whichever you choose, it doesn’t have to be oversized or exotic. Anything that attracts interest or starts a conversation can be a statement piece. Your interior design will flow smoothly with a focal point for your design, y’all.

Color Scheme

Choosing paint colors is something you either love or hate. Understanding how color theory impacts interior design will make the process of picking your paint easier and less daunting. Color affects both the flow and scale of a room. Knowing how monochromatic palettes, complementary colors, and color temperature affect mood and aesthetics can help you make design choices like an expert.


One of the most overlooked DIY interior design tips is setting the tone of the space with texture. Generally, rough textures add weight to a room and can make it feel cozy, whereas smooth textures create a more minimalistic and detached tone. Layering multiple textures can give the space depth. I’ve added texture to rooms with fuzzy rugs, stone tables, and even ambient lighting.


Don’t forget to add accessories to your newly designed room. Anything that adds form or pattern can be the icing on the cake of your DIY design— flowers, trays, decorative bowls, and even shelves. Incorporating accessories into your initial design plan guarantees that they add to the design rather than distract from it.

With a little work, I’m sure you’ll have a gorgeous room on a simple DIY budget in no time. I promise, y’all, it will pay off!

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