DIY Projects You Should Leave to the Professionals

DIY Projects You Should Leave to the Professionals

DIY Projects You Should Leave to the Professionals

Y’all, I love DIY. It’s a great way to make your home more personal while sticking to a budget. That said, there are some DIY projects that you should leave to the professionals. The jobs on this list could cause severe damage to your home or put you at risk of severe injury if done improperly.

With that much at stake, it’s probably best to just call a professional, y’all.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical work is harder than it looks. I recommend always calling a certified electrician, even just to install a ceiling fan. Mistakes made with wiring can fry circuits at best and start fires at worst.

If your house catches fire, you’ll be spending a lot more than you would have on an electrician.

Plumbing Jobs

Fixing a leaky sink and other small jobs of that nature aren’t a big deal; I fix minor issues like that myself all the time. I’m talking about bigger plumbing projects, like installing a toilet or bathtub.

Without the proper installation, your beautiful new clawfoot tub could leak water all over your bathroom. If you don’t catch it early, this minor mistake could flood your home. And water damage is expensive, y’all.

Roofing Work

This task is increasingly popular among DIY-ers, but I really don’t think the risks are worth it. No one ever thinks they’ll be the person to slip on a loose tile and fall off the roof, and yet it happens all the time.

In addition to the physical risk, incorrectly applying roof tiles risks weather damage to your home. Plus, if the final result looks odd from the street, it could lower your home’s curb appeal.

Gas Appliance Repair

This one is particularly dangerous. Gas appliances like your water heater or stove top could leak toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, into your home. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because it’s odorless.

Speaking of, when was the last time you checked your carbon monoxide detectors? It’s never a bad time to ensure your family is safe.

Pouring Asphalt

You want your driveway remodeled—I hear you. However, I promise you that pouring your own driveway is a bad idea. There are plenty of harmful chemicals that could hurt you if you don’t have the correct gear. Just look at all the safety requirements the professionals have to follow!

Not to mention, pouring asphalt is extremely hard to get right. It’ll be far more expensive to remove a botched driveway than to hire a pro from the start.

Here’s my golden rule, y’all: if the DIY project could harm you or your family or cause severe damage to your home, leave it to the professionals.

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