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Does Your Soccer Team Need Team Spirit?

I am the “unofficial” soccer mom for my daughter’s soccer team. From coordinating halftime snacks to helping to organize the after season party you name it I have done it. It hit me on Monday night that I only have one year left of this because my daughter will be graduating and my youngest daughter has no desire to play soccer. It makes me kind of sad to see an era come to an end. That is why I have decided this year to enjoy it as much as possible.

team spirit

One of the things that I have started doing this season was giving the team a pregame treat so to speak to help pep them up for the game.  I have used chocolate chip cookies  and pixie stixs as treats but today I will show you another quick and easy way to boost team spirit. It is really quite easy all you need is cardstock, a printer, some tape and a piece of bubble gum.

I searched the web for a graphic to add to the card. Using a program through Microsoft Office I created labels with the saying “Chew Up The Competition.” I then took a piece of bubble gum and placed tape across the top and attached it to the card aka label. The girls loved this idea so much. Several of the girls on the team have thanked me and told me that they are keeping all the little cards. I enjoy  doing this for the girls. But sadly soccer season is almost over they have 6 games left unless they go to playoffs.

team spirit

So tell me have you ever created a spirit bag to help improve team spirit? Share your ideas with me I mean I still have 6 games left to plan for and I could use some ideas.

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