Doggy Health: Reasons Your Dog Won’t Eat Its Food

Doggy Health: Reasons Your Dog Won’t Eat Its Food

Doggy Health: Reasons Your Dog Won’t Eat Its Food

When your pup won’t touch its food bowl, your concern is perfectly natural. You may even worry that something is wrong with your pooch. While some dogs are picky, loss of appetite can also signify illness. As a pet parent, your pup’s refusal to eat is always a rise for concern, especially if it’s normally a foodie! Learn about the common reasons your dog won’t eat its food.

It’s Sick

Like people, dogs may not want to eat when they don’t feel good. Appetite naturally decreases when we and our pets feel under the weather. In other cases, a lack of appetite could signify a serious illness. For example, one of the most common signs of hypothyroidism in dogs is weight gain despite a lack of appetite. Other diagnosed diseases, such as cancer, kidney failure, or parasites, can decrease the urge to eat.

Keep an eye on your furry pal and its love of food; contact the veterinarian to get it checked out if this issue goes on for more than a few days.

It’s Stressed or Depressed

Anxiety or depression could be another reason your dog won’t eat its food. Other signs of anxiety and depression in canines include a change in sleep patterns, avoiding you, and no interest in beloved activities. Rather than make any assumptions, call the vet so that you can rule out all possible causes. This helps y’all give your furry friend the best possible treatment.

It Misses You

If y’all go on vacation without your pooch, your pup will spend time with a pet sitter or bask in the luxury of a doggy hotel. No matter who your dog is with, it may miss you so much that eating feels like a chore. Often, its appetite comes back as soon as it sees your face!

One way to lessen the risk of it not eating is to leave one of your shirts or blankets behind for your pooch when you go on vacation. The familiar scent will provide comfort and security when you’re away. If you choose to have someone watch your pup while you’re gone, make sure they’re a close friend or relative that your pet knows well.

It’s a Picky Eater

In many ways, I think dogs are a lot like kids—we’re called “pet parents” for a reason. Some are picky eaters! If your pooch gobbles up table scraps but turns its nose up at the sight of kibble, you’ve got a picky eater. The good news is your dog still has an appetite, but only for the finer foods.

You could slowly introduce a new type of kibble or dehydrated food to deal with this hunger strike. You could also spice up its food with sodium-free broth or freeze-dried dog food as a topper. What’s most important is finding food your pup loves so that it can continue nourishing its body. So tell me do have any more reasons your dog won’t eat its food?

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