Don’t Try To Turn Your Home Into a Magazine Cover
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Don’t Try To Turn Your Home Into a Magazine Cover

Don’t Try To Turn Your Home Into a Magazine Cover

When I first moved into my house, there was a hot minute when I got caught up trying to make everything look like it jumped straight out of a home decor magazine. But here’s the thing about striving for that kind of perfection, y’all—it doesn’t last. So don’t try to turn your home into a magazine cover.

People Don’t Live in Magazines

How many of those perfect rooms in magazines have people in them? Those magazine spaces are curated by stylists who know how to create a scene that’ll catch your eye but won’t necessarily hold up to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But I get it: I love to imagine myself wearing flowy dresses and a big straw hat, cutting wildflowers in a meadow that I’ll bring home to a pristine kitchen.

But I tell you what, back in real life, I’ve got a kitchen counter covered in groceries that I need to put away.

What’s That Bowl Full of Straw Balls For?

How many bowls full of woven straw balls can you see in those photos before you ask yourself, what good are those? I’ve seen things like this in so many magazine spreads, but y’all, that pretty bowl full of nothing is just one more thing to dust around.

I’d rather make my living room a stylish, welcoming space with my fireplace as a focal point. I see a mantle featuring family photos, and candlesticks handed down from my memory. I’m not one for worrying about the fate of mildly attractive but largely useless objets d’art on my coffee table. Heck, that’s where the snacks go!

Unlike You, Staged Magazine Rooms Lack Personality

Just a wild guess here, but since you’re visiting with me here on my blog, I’m guessing you appreciate some spunk and irreverence from time to time. Why bury your personality in a sea of generic beige throw pillows and cookie-cutter wall art that’s identical to your local Perfect Woman’s magazine-made decor?

White Kitchens and White Couches Are Boring and Hard To Clean

Can we talk about all-white kitchens? Does anyone seriously ever cook anything in there? And what about white couches? How many seconds would it take for your grandkids to smear chocolate all over a white couch? Or for your book club to splash a little red wine on it? Gimme a break—white couches are just an evil plot to stress you out and make you, your guests, and your family feel inadequate. I prefer my home to invite relaxation, not generate constant stress over keeping things pristine.

Trying to make your home look like a magazine cover just isn’t worth the effort or the stress. Throw those unrealistic expectations out the window and make your home a place that makes you happy, not one that’s only good for photographers.

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