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Double Carports: Best Optimization of the Space

A double carport is the latest trend when we talk about space and parking. It is the best space optimization in both congested cities as well as suburbs. The basic use of this is to provide enough space for two cars with less investment. Beside this, it can also be used for many other purposes like parking for RV, Bikes and you can also use this space as a storage room. A basic double carport comes in sizes of 18 feet width, 21 feet length and 7 feet in height. But it can be customized as per one’s needs and you can design your carports with metal, wood, aluminum, and steel. you can find this double carport in commercial area because they need to store several cars inside their premises, and now homeowners are also installing the same and replace their old garage with double carports. Now you can easily park two cars, bike inside these carports, and you can store your garden tools inside this carport. Through this way, you can keep your car safe and keep your garden clutter free.

Double Carports Best Optimization of the Space from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Material used and manufacturing of Double Carport

A basic double carport is made up of metal in which has multiple pillars to support the shed. It can be independent or attached to a house or office. Aluminum or iron is mostly used as they are affordable and durable. However, many prefer woodshed with a little amount of metal. It purely depends on your budget and preference that what type of material you need, but it is suggested to choose the durable and long lasting materials for your carport only.

Multiple advantages of Double Carport

  • Open parking is prone to stealing as thieves can easily get to it also it is not safe in harsh weather as there is a direct impact of weather on the vehicle, while Double Carport provide enough safety to your cars during bad weather.
  • Also, in future, you can convert it into a storage room and save a huge amount of money which might be needed for using storage space in distant areas. You can also convert it into the study room, play area, entertainment room, home office and much more.
  • Also, if you love open kitchen then making grilling food in double carport can be the great option as it has great ventilation and provides good space for people to sit and eat. Not only this, it can also be used as a small outdoor party area.

Why choose Double Carport over Garage or Single Carport?

The garage is made up of either wood or metal and it is attached to the house, it is fully covered and its maintenance and manufacturing cost is also very high. While in a single carport, it is either attached to a house or separate. It can provide shelter to one vehicle only.

  • On the other hand, when we see double carport, it is superior to both garage and single carport. It can be used to park more than one vehicle. Also, due to its big height, it can store vehicle from small cars to big SUV’s or RV’s.
  • Also, it is spacious and energy efficiency, when compared to a garage as it does not occupy space used by thick walls and no electricity, is needed in the daytime.
  • However, if you are leaving the car in the open, it is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Thus a double carport provides a shelter as well as safety for your car in situations.

While installing double carport, it is suggested to hire a professional double carport service provider. The reason is that they have enough experience and tools that they can give you the best advice on this matter.


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