Easter Ideas The Dos & Don’ts of Creating Images from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Easter Ideas: The Dos & Don’ts of Creating Images

Easter Ideas The Dos & Don’ts of Creating Images from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Easter time, Easter time the world’s waking up and it’s Easter time! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Easter is just around the corner and it is the perfect time for you to learn how to step it up this year with your Easter images and Easter Ideas. At Copytrack, we are constantly reviewing images online as we work to combat image theft for our photographers, and naturally, during this time we come across many an image and picked up some tricks. To help you have the perfect Easter we’re going to tips on creating the perfect Easter Images. So buckle up as Copytrack, the masters of online image copyright protection, list the major dos and don’ts of Easter images when creating the perfect Easter images!

Do – Pastels

Try to keep light. Nothing says Easter better than pastel blues, pinks, and yellows. The gentle colors welcome in the new season. Aim to have key colors that tie everything together. Do not forget white! White is the perfect grounding color for pastels.

Don’t – No Chocolate

No chocolate. Chocolate is often what we love most at Easter but somehow it distracts in front of the lens. Try to avoid using chocolate eggs or bunnies. These deep browns don’t scream Easter but instead scream “diet”.

Do – Rabbits are cute

Rabbits are where things get serious. You can’t suggest an Easter idea without a bunny. But that’s not to say a bunny alone is enough. A bunny eating grass is not Easter. You need to adjust the greens colors to make them cartoonlike. Try and have the little hopper off center, and allow his presence not define the photo but instead add to the texture of the photo. This Easter shot is not his backdrop, but rather he is a part of the whole tapestry.

Don’t – Chicks are ugly

Rebirth is at the core of Easter. The world is waking up, flowers, trees, and it’s the season of new birth. Nothing captures this best when creating Easter images than a chick hatching. But are chicks cute? They’re okay drawn or animated, but the actual living thing is a little not-cute. They have very pointed features and dinosaur legs. If you’ve been stuck with them, try wide shots and avoid their jagged features.

Do – Eggs

Well, this is the obvious one. We eat them, we paint them- Easter eggs are the crowing point of the holiday (sorry Jesus), so you really have to make sure you have them. Try to think outside the box though, they can be great tools to introduce patterns. Also, pay close attention to the color of the eggs. You want to make sure you stick to your color pallet.

Do – Flowers

It might be about an Easter idea, but it’s not just Easter- it’s Spring too. Flowers are a great way to add a smooth spirit to your images. Just be careful not to go too crazy. Daffodils are often associated with this time of year and the dominant yellow can be a great source of light.

Don’t – be cheesy

Keep it professional. Keep it clam. Don’t let your creation attack your audience. Easter creations are best when they are passive and allow your audience to feel welcomed by the image.

Do – protect your work!

These images are in the hotbed to be stolen. Just think, all at once a large portion of the world are looking to spread Easter love, and spread their commercial Easter messages online. Of course, they are welcome to use your images, but money has to fall into your hands too. If you’re worried about who might be using your images, or any images in general Copytrack are happy to help, anytime!

So, you’ve heard what we’ve got to say about Easter ideas and now comes the tricky part. Using these individual aspects in perfect harmony to create to the most of your Easter images. Of course, you can always take your own creative path and completely ignore all that we’ve suggested – creativity cannot be defined, but it can be inspired! If you’re interested to learn more about protecting your images for free with Copytrack check out their website. 


About Copytrack:

Copytrack was founded in 2015 by Marcus Schmitt and currently employs around 25 people from legal, IT, customer service and finance. The service supports photographers, publishers, image agencies and e-commerce providers. It includes a risk-free search of the global Internet for image and graphics data uploaded by users at Copytrack are found with a hit accuracy of 98 percent. The customers define if images are used without a license and even determine the number of subsequent fees supported by an automatic license calculator on the portal. Copytrack is fully responsible for an out-of-court solution in over 140 countries as well as a legal solution in the areas relevant to copyright law. If the image has been successfully licensed, the rights holder receives up to 70 percent of the agreed sum. The pure search function is free of charge.

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