Easy to Make Cookie Spirit Bags

mikaela midfield

Last week it officially became Soccer season in my house. My middle daughter, Mikaela is a starting midfielder for her high school soccer team. And of course I am the official soccer mom of the team. Well actually my husband and I are the official soccer parents. Whether is it coordinating the parents to make sure the girls have oranges and Gatorade for halftime or assisting the coaches with anything else we are the go to people. This year since we don’t have seniors, there is really no leadership on the team so morale hasn’t been that well. So I devised a way to give the girls a little pep rally before each game. Games that are away I try to give them a little something that will tie them over until they have time to eat. Today they have an away game about 45 minutes to an hour away. So I made them little cookie treat bags. Here is the best part you can either choose to make the cookies yourself or you can do like I did and cheat ;). Yes I used the term cheating when referring to a soccer game. I simply went to the store and bought two packs of cookies. But that was easy the hard part was making the cards to go with the cookies. To make the cookie bags I simply put two chocolate chip cookies in a snack bag ( You can buy a box of 50 snack bags at the Dollar Store) and closed it. Then with  Microsoft word I used the label maker to make a “label”. I used the shipping label template and just made it my own. I then cut the labels apart and stapled them to the bags of cookies. Aren’t they cute?

chip away at competition

So what do you think of my cookie spirit bags? As the season just began look for more spirit bag ideas in the future.

19 Comments on “Easy to Make Cookie Spirit Bags

  1. Those spirit bags are a new way to get into the new “Soccer Club” 🙂 The packaging is simple but nice

  2. I like your cookies bags. 🙂 IS it really soccer time already?? We haven’t gotten a sign up form yet. I’m going to look into immediately.

  3. I am loving the team spirit bags and they sure are easy to make. Might have to do something for my son’s basketball team. 🙂

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