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Easy Way to Make a Bunny Wreath

With the winter weather, comes day when we are trapped I mean snug as a bug in a rug in the house. Sometimes staring at these four walls can totally drive me bonkers. So I have had to come up with ways to keep busy. One day I came across a wreath in a catalog that I thought was totally cute unfortunately the price tag was not. I could not see paying $50 plus shipping for the wreath. So I took the picture to my husband and asked him if he could make me a frame. Guess what he did? He made it out of 4 wire coat hangers. This is what the wreath form looks like.

bunny wreath frame

As you can see he took apart the wire hangers. He used two wire hangers for the head of the wreath to make it a little sturdier. Than he used another two hangers for the ears. He did use a piece of small wire to attach the ears to the head. He attached it in three places, on both ends of the ears and in the middle.

I then cut strips out of leftover scrap fabric from other projects. The size of the strips will depend on how fluffy you want your wreath to be. I used all different colors because I wanted to get rid of some of my scraps but you can actually use whatever you want. After your strips are cut, take one strip and tie it in a knot around the frame. Continue until your whole bunny is covered. Your wreath will end up looking like this or something similar.

Easter Bunny Wreath

 So tell me what do you think of my bunny wreath? I have already made 4 of these. One for my mom, 2 for some very dear friends and of course one for myself. And guess how much this wreath cost me a big fat nothing. Using items I already had on hand I saved over $50 and still have materials to make more. Do you see a bunny wreath in your future?

60 Comments on “Easy Way to Make a Bunny Wreath

  1. This is a really cute Easter decoration and would give me a fun project to do while I battle cabin fever! Cannot wait til spring!

  2. Oh wow!! Very nice and so easy. I haven’t even thought of Easter. I need to check and see when it is. .. I wonder if I will be home from Las Vegas.

  3. That is an adorable wreath. There won’t be one on my future–I could not make the form and have no scraps around so it would cost me a bit to make it!

  4. This is such a cute idea and you did a great job. I doesn’t sound like it is all that hard to make. I will have to try to make one.

  5. That is so cute and perfect for Easter. I think I might try and make it but not so sure it’ll come out looking as nice as yours.

  6. This is a super cute craft I an do with my older kids. I have not seen anything like it, which I love!

  7. That really is adorable! I love that you made it for no cost and you were able to make so many gifts for family members.

  8. I love how easy this is! I’m not a very crafty person, so this would be great for me to do.

  9. This is such a cute craft idea. It seems like a lot of fun for people who celebrate easter bunnies.

  10. This is super cute! I’ve got a wreath I’ve been meaning to decorate for spring, so I’ll be trying this. 🙂

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