Easy Way to Make Easter Coasters

easter coasters

I am always trying to make things that will make my house a little festive without spending a ton of money doing it, and these Easter coasters fit the bill. These are so easy to make that you can whip up several batches within an hour. These would be great to give as gifts. The first thing you need to do is go to the dollar store and buy two rolls of vinyl shelf liners. I choose the colors purple and green, but you can use any color that you would like. The next thing you will need to do is look online and find a pattern for an Easter egg, or you can freehand one. I downloaded on because my artistic ability is not that great. After I created a template, I then cut egg shapes out of the shelf liner.

easter coaster plain

After these were cut out, I then used Washi Tape to decorate the eggs.  Washi tape is so versatile, and I have tons of projects planned so make sure to check back for further projects. But it was also easy to use. All I had to do was to place the tape on the egg template and cut it to length.

washi tape in place

My favorite egg coasters were the ones where I used the yellow chevron tape  (But you can use anything that you have on hand.) These Easter egg coasters turned out so cute; I can’t wait to use them at my mom’s when we go there for Easter dinner.  Here are the finished products.

completed Easter Egg coasters

So tell me which one is your favorite? And do you think you will be making some Easter egg coasters in your future?


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