Emojis are Life from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

How many times do you get a text message or a message on social media and you simply respond with an emoji? I think I use emojis the most when I am texting my best friend, Emily. But I have never thought of using emojis in marketing. What a genius idea, right?

I mean seriously I know sometimes when I am writing a blog post I often use the winky face emoji but never really thought of the impact that using emojis would have on marketing that particular post.

But again, why didn’t I think about it I mean they are so common in everyday life now that why shouldn’t marketing firms and bloggers alike use them to get people to read and respond to what they are working on.

I will admit that it wasn’t until I saw this infographic from Campaign Monitor about the effective use of Emojis and Symbols in marketing did I really stop and have a why didn’t I think of that moment? I mean just look at the infographic above, it will totally blow your mind. It didn’t mine. After I saw this infographic I made a written and mental note to start using emojis and symbols in my blog posts, in the titles I use for blog posts and in any email marketing that I will be doing in the future. I mean seriously who can resist the poop emoji ( aka Chocolate Ice Cream).

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