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Weddings are exclusively happy events in the family, so are the Bridal Shower and the hen parties. They act as the icebreakers between the Bride & Grooms family and a stress buster for the Bride after long taxing sessions of dress trails, shopping etc.

There is no denial of the pressure, the would-be couple and especially a bride goes through and it’s important to have a breather before the wedding.

Bridal showers make for some memorable moments for the Bride as well the relatives and friends, attending the event. Instead of a sloshed hen party, arranging a Bridal shower is hip these days which helps to rope in the older members of the clan and to make it a grand elegant family affair.

Organizing a party with food & drinks just not suffice as it tends to get unexciting and people unknowingly get into groups and wither after a while.

To make the Bridal Shower alive and sparkling with energy & laughter, here is an Infographic by The Daffodil Hotel & Spa which divulges some ideas of engaging and amusing games to keep each one occupied and collaborating in the activities. These fun games range from charades to singalongs, sidesplitting Pictionary etc. These enchanting games will keep the party rollicking and you will not have a single lethargic moment.

So, get ready and make plans for fun Bridal Shower and leave each & sundry hearty for the further celebrations of the Wedding.

There are some Gifting ideas as well if you are bemused with the thought of an apt Wedding gift. Gifting something unique yet valuable will etch you in the memory of the wedded couples.

 Bridal Shower & Hen Party Games
Bridal Shower & Hen Party Games by Daffodil Hotel

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