Essential Facts to Know Before Hiring Monumental Masons from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Essential Facts to Know Before Hiring Monumental Masons

Monumental masons are highly skilled artisans that work with stones of different kinds such as marble, granite and even bricks. Their primary job is to create unique and artistic memorial monuments and headstones. Carved in different colored stones these stones create an everlasting tribute to your loved ones.

The monumental masons specialize in creating lawn and general memorials. They provide individual memorial designs along with several other monumental accessories, and religious furnishings. They are also specialized in the creation of war memorials part from providing repairs, renovations and additional inscriptions on monuments.


Essential Facts to Know Before Hiring Monumental Masons from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

The Job Profile

The job profile of the monumental masons does not end there, and it includes:

  • Custom cutting and polishing of monumental stones
  • Supplying of pre-cut stones for other masonry work
  • Inscription services such as gold leaf, lead and raised inscriptions for monuments
  • Custom designing monuments and headstones
  • Work as a consultant to help you conceptualize and design a unique monument.

They always work according to your taste and budget. You can also contact them for a large range of supply of metal and stone statues, bronze plaques, ceramic floral ornaments, crosses and crucifixes, Grecian and Italian vase, diamond and rectangular vase, bronze lamps and photo frames.

Find the Right Person

It is very important to find the right person for your job no matter how big or small it is. A good artisan will ensure that the job is perfectly done, with no waste of labor, time and material. They must be more than a worker as god monumental masons are artists. Moreover, masonry can be messy as well as expensive, which is why you must find the right person.

  • Do Your Research – Research for a good mason, as well as the type of stone or brick options you want to install. A good mason can give you handsome tips and recommend the material to be used as the pros and cons may differ for every material.
  • Compare Rates – The price of masonry depends on the size of the project especially the stones. For stones of different sizes, they may charge you on an hourly rate. Few may charge at a flat rate as well. Know how they determine the final cost and compare rates of different monumental masons.
  • Look Beyond – Do not limit your selection process to the price factor. Check their portfolio of past work and compare to those similar to yours. Discuss the cleanup process as well and get everything in writing.

Location of The Plot

You must first decide of a specific cemetery before sifting through different monumental masons. Choose the location based on cost, distance, geographic location, religious affiliation and of course the monument preferences.

When you know the location, you will know the cemetery rules and regulations as they may allow only specific masons to work there. If so make sure that you check with them the list of licensed and qualified monumental masons.

Essential Facts to Know Before Hiring Monumental Masons from North Carolina Lifestyle blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget


Apart from that, you must also consider the cemetery recommendations. Most of the cemeteries have a very good working relationship and a network of monumental masons that work in their cemetery. In order to find a reliable and reputable mason simply ask the cemetery administration to recommend one. This will ensure hassle free and a better job was done on the monument.

Visit the Cemetery

Lastly, you must visit the cemetery to have a look around all the existing memorials. You will get a better design idea when specific monument or headstones catch your eye. Make sure that it is appealing to you. Also pay attention to the material, shape, color and the company logo.

Since this is the last tribute, you can give to your loved one, why compromise on it? Go for the best always.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to get a small monument of a bird made for my pet’s grave. I love how you mentioned that I should make sure that I look beyond how much something costs and look at quality as well. These tips will help me find the perfect mason for my bird’s monument, so thank you for sharing this.

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