Everything you need to know about house spiders
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Everything You Need to Know About House Spiders

Everything you need to know about house spiders


At this time of year, there seems to be more spiders in our homes than usual. While they do bring some benefits, they are not welcome guests in our homes.

Spiders generally go indoors for three things- food, warmth, and water. if there is easy access to food it is more likely that they make your home their home and if it is warm for they will enjoy it all the more. Spiders will also seek out water from sinks and bathtubs and the reason we often find them there is because of the moisture.

There are some people who will always be afraid of spiders but there are also some myths that need clearing up. For example, you are not swallowing a certain amount of spiders every year. it is also worth noting that spiders can’t lay eggs under people’s skin so you can relax about that!

Having said all that, it is still important to keep the amount of spiders in our homes to a minimum, and this infographic from Any Pest outlines how to do just that!


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