Find the Best Packaging for Your DIY Makeup from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Find the Best Packaging for Your DIY Makeup

Find the Best Packaging for Your DIY Makeup from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

With all this time at home, I know y’all must have dabbled in do-it-yourself beauty treatments. Who hasn’t mixed up a little honey-sugar lip scrub, slathered it on, and started dreaming of a cosmetics empire? But whether you want to sell your scrub or just store it for next week, it helps to have containers at the ready. Here’s some of the best packaging for DIY makeup.


We have to start here because, by tomorrow, you may not know what is in that jar—just that it’s got bubbles and seems to be moving. This is no time to be guessing. Have some labels at hand to keep everyone safe. It is so easy to create your own custom labels at office supply stores or through adorable shops on Etsy. Just start with a font that says “buy me!” and a color you can use on future products, too. You don’t have to commit to a logo right away. These things take time; Starbucks’ first logo was brown, y’all.

Lip Gloss

Who wants lip gloss without a little bling? It’s worth looking into buying tubes decorated with glitter, metallics, and even rhinestones. Even if you’re just planning to repurpose a few old Carmex containers, paint them up with some glitter or holographic nail polish. We’re not animals, y’all. You can make a lip balm container out of just about anything, even plastic bottle caps, or you can buy them in the shape of popsicles and flamingos. And if you love a bargain, you will not believe how many little plastic jars you can buy for under $10. Bonus: You can also use them for all your DIY slime needs!

Eye Shadow

Concocting your own eye shadow is an excellent reason to get down with natural ingredients, such as paprika, beetroot, and turmeric. Don’t sneeze! You can use a mini-muffin pan or watercolor paint palette, and then store it all in little tins or plastic containers shaped like roses and diamonds. Even better, you’ll learn that you can dismember your old compacts—the ones where you like 1 shade but not the other 11? Throw a “de-potting party” where the girls can come over, use a flat iron to heat the little pots out, and then swap until they’ve created dream palettes. I do hope they’re not drinking.


I won’t even tell you all the body parts that need scrubbing, but I assure you that there are even more kinds of containers for DIY scrubs. Any glass jar can be a gorgeous container, especially if you decorate it with burlap and twine and all that. Mason jars, spice jars, Kilner jars, salt and pepper jars—just raid your kitchen. Get creative, and you can make an exquisite gift out of pink Himalayan salt and an old pill case. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that sometimes the best packaging for DIY makeup is a repurposed Altoid tin, and there’s no shame in that.

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