Four Easy Hacks to Make Better Eating Decisions this Thanksgiving

Four Easy Hacks to Make Better Eating Decisions this Thanksgiving

Four Easy Hacks to Make Better Eating Decisions this Thanksgiving

Best-selling author, Instagram, and Tik-Tok influencer Beth Linder-Moss has four easy, free hacks to make better eating decisions. Anyone can use these to prevent overdoing it at the dinner table this Thanksgiving. Beth discussed these in detail on her podcast, ‘The Beth Linder-Moss Podcast’ which can be heard anywhere podcasts are available.

How Eating at Thanksgiving Gets Hacked

‘Hack’ is a term borrowed from the world of computer programming. Its meaning outside that field refers to an effective shortcut to accomplish goals or tasks in less time and less effort than usual. In terms of short-circuiting long-ingrained eating habits, these tips fit the definition. “There are no flawless ways to eat perfectly during the holidays,” Beth told her listeners. “So set realistic expectations about eating at Thanksgiving and try these tips too.”

Four Hacks and One that Does Not Work

  1. To avoid overeating at parties and dinners, eat before you go. “The healthiest choices for food are not always available at parties or dinners,” Beth said. “I try to always eat a healthy meal before I go to one of these. That way, I’ve consumed healthy food, am not hungry, and less likely to make poor decisions about consumption when partying.” Hungry people tend to make poor decisions when it comes to menu selection. Showing up hungry at a party is akin to grocery shopping on an empty stomach. “That is also a bad idea, so try not to shop for food when hungry or show up for a dinner with an empty stomach.”
  2.  To feel full before the big holiday meal, drink water. Beth told her listeners that drinking a big glass water before a meal is a good way to feel full without eating. Water takes up a lot of space in the stomach. Added hydration is beneficial for weight loss as it aids digestion and muscle growth. The cost is negligible and the health benefits many.
  3. How often can workouts be skipped during the holidays? Because of travel, holiday gatherings, and out of the ordinary time pressure, getting outside to run or visit the gym may be more challenging than normal. But how many days can anyone miss a workout? “It is ok to miss a day,” Beth said. “But it is important not to let one day turn into two days.” Runners will need access to a sidewalk and their running shoes to complete their ritual run. Larger cities all have parks and places to run, walk or jog. Many national gyms have reciprocal memberships that allow workouts at affiliated clubs. But if none of those are available there are plenty of weight bearing exercises that do not require any equipment. To see plenty of those and how to do them, visit Beth’s Tik Tok channel.
  4. Ways to avoid bad decisions at the table. This one is particularly challenging as all those sumptuous food items stare up at us from the table. “Some selections are bound to be healthier than others,” Beth advised. “Look for vegetables first. Avoid bread, fried food and those laden with sugar like candied yams.” When tempted to eat that cornbread dressing, pecan or pumpkin pie Beth suggested smaller portions. “I never try to tell people what to eat or not eat. But a spoonful of just about anything will not hurt you. No one will feel deprived with this approach.”
  5. A couple of things that will not work. Beth covered a couple of possibilities that are not useful for the health-conscious at the holiday. For example, adding the word ‘just’ in front of a food selection will not make it smaller. “Saying I’ll just have one piece of pie or just one bowl of mashed potatoes will not lessen caloric intake,” Beth advised. Similarly, eating off someone else’s plate is not helpful. “There is no benefit for you taking food from someone else,” Beth intoned. “If you want to sample something that looks good, do so. Just remember the advice about smaller portions.”

Cost Effective Benefits

None of these hacks for Thanksgiving eating, or any holiday, come at any cost. None requires any special skills, scales, memberships, or equipment. Listening to the Beth Linder-Moss Podcast delivers tips like these and many others. Listening is also free. To listen or subscribe, please go to:

About Beth Linder-Moss

Beth Linder-Moss got interested in health and fitness at the age of 16 after her father had his first heart attack. After this devastating event, she and the other members of her family changed their eating and exercise habits for the better.

Today she is a much sought-after speaker, press interview, and teacher. Her latest book is ‘Think Healthy Be Healthy’ and is available where books are sold. Her website is

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