Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Log Home Floorplan

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Log Home Floorplan
Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Log Home Floorplan

When buying land for a log home or cabin, determine the access to utility lines and sewage systems. Purchasing land connected to these systems will save money in the long run.

Log homes are energy efficient due to their ability to absorb and release heat during the day at night. Look for signs that settling allowances were not made; these include doors and windows sticking and bowing.

Functionality and Flow

Log homes are great for some reasons, but they can be challenging to work with when designing an addition or modification. This is why working with a professional specializing in log and timber frame construction is so important.

Your professional should be able to provide suggestions on maximizing your log home’s space and help you choose the best plan for your site and lifestyle. They can also ensure that the log cabin design is compatible with your building code requirements and any restrictions on the property, like health or environmental issues.

Many options exist for timber frames or round log homeowners looking to add on. These include lofts, decks, and sunrooms that can connect seamlessly to the existing home. It is crucial to ensure that the addition is designed with the same profile as the original house to minimize color differences.

The functionality of your log home floor plan is paramount. Consider how you envision your daily activities flowing through the space. Is the kitchen conveniently located relative to the dining area? Are the bedrooms and bathrooms easily accessible yet offer privacy? Look for a layout or kits for log cabins that minimize unnecessary steps and create a seamless flow between different living areas.

Also, consider your season of life and if that’s going to change while you live in the home. Will you need a staircase that will allow a lift? Will you need a floor plan that is easy for the blind? Is a 4 story home really the right choice with triplets on the way?


Size is one of the most important aspects when choosing a log home floor plan. Ideally, you want a home that comfortably fits your family and guests and is manageable for the property and surrounding area. You may also have a particular size for an addition or garage to the existing home. It’s good to bring these details to the log producers you are considering and ask them for suggestions. They will have experience with many different homes and can offer ideas you have yet to think could be cost-effective and practical and improve your home’s overall look.


Unlike wood paneling and drywall, log walls can be carved with designs or left bare. Fabrics are also a common decorating choice. Coarse treatments and nubby textures can accentuate the rustic look, while soft-to-the-touch chenilles, leather, or cowhide invite feet-up comfort. A touch of the Wild West or Mission style is easily achieved by hanging quilts, old utensils, or ever-popular recreational gear, like canoes and sleds.

Regardless of how you decorate, a good log home floorplan will provide the space you need for family members, guests, pets, and basic household operations. Be sure to communicate your preferences with your significant other and a log home salesman to agree on the right plan for both of you. 


When choosing a log home floor plan, you should keep your budget in mind. You can choose from standard plans that log producers develop or create your design for your log home. That’s the obvious part. The less obvious part is some of the other things with price tags attached, like construction, foundation, plumbing, wells, septic, and more. Do yourself the favor of factoring those costs into your overall build.

When selecting a plan, you should consider all the amenities important to you. Some of these amenities include things like entertainment centers, bonus rooms, and kitchens. Remember to pay for the materials and labor involved in building these additions.

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