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Now that my oldest daughter is away at college I find myself missing her in ways I could never imagine before. From time to time I like to send her a little something in the mail. Whether it is a free sample or just a card to say how much I miss her she gets excited when she gets mail. I found these awesome  prayer postcards over at True & Faithful. I know that I will be printing out and sending to her soon.

maddie and i miss (1)

I just know these are the perfect cards to send my daughter. What a great reminder to let her know that she is in our thoughts and prayers. Even though she is 3 hours away, she is never far from our hearts and the time we do see here makes us treasure each moment.

So tell me do you have a child or a family member that is far away maybe attending school or in the military? Think of how awesome it would be if they got one of these prayer postcards in the mail from you.

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