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A Fresh Coat of Paint Changes Everything

For a while, I have been playing with the idea of getting rid of our piano. When we first got it, I envisioned my girls taking lessons and entertaining us with how beautifully they played. Insert real life here, it did not turn out like that. We got the piano for free I might add but my girls never had an interest in taking lessons, and it just became the elephant in the room. Now that my girls are growing up, I finally decided to part with the image that I created and started thinking more practical. So the beloved piano is waiting for it’s next home and I decided to make space¬† more user-friendly.

Let me just add that I tend to blog everywhere having no particular set place. I go from area to area but most of the time I end up in the living room, so that is where my desk is located. But sometimes my office looks more like a war zone than a work area so I wanted to create something that will allow me to work yet look stylish at the same time. So here is what I did to create my new workspace. All it took was a can of paint and some hard work and determination on my part. I might also add that it took a little bit of strength and help from my husband and daughters, but now I have a workspace that rivals even Martha Stewart. Well, maybe not Martha Stewart but I am sure she will approve.


I had a desk that I have had for years that was made from brown laminate, just like the one pictured above. You know what I am talking about that ugly stuff that it seems like most furniture is made out of today. I wanted to give that desk a little personality. I had originally wished to do the color scheme of turquoise and orange, but that quickly changed when I went to the store to buy the paint and just bought the gray that was on the shelf and that was on sale to boot.

I sanded down the desk and proceeded to paint it using a roller. I suck at painting with a brush. So if I have to paint anything it would be with a roller. I spent most of the day Tuesday painting among other things. I didn’t paint everything because to be honest, I kind of-of got lazy toward the end. But that is okay I fixed that problem with an easy solution. You see I had some contact paper left over from my laundry room redo, and I just used that to cover the spaces I did not paint. Yesterday was spent putting things back in their place. But I will have to say I love my new clean space. I could not believe how much stuff that I threw away. But I am so happy with the results.

Champagne Paint

The desk now sits where the piano used to be, and I feel like it just opened up the whole space. So you see a fresh coat of paint can change everything.


Sending You Champagne Dreams

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