Fun Children's Room Themes: 4 Ideas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Fun Children’s Room Themes: 4 Ideas

Fun Children's Room Themes: 4 Ideas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

You’re only a kid once, and I’ve often looked at my girls and wished I could make it last forever. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out time travel yet, so the best that I can do is make every year special. We should celebrate childhood in all its silly, imaginative glory, and one of the best ways we can do that is by bringing the fun into our kids’ bedrooms. These are some fun children’s room themes I’ve come across.

By the Sea

Every kid who loves the sea loves it for a different reason, and because of that, you can do an ocean theme hundreds of different ways. You can go subtle, with light blue stripes and a few starfish or sailboats, or you can capture all the fun of family vacations with surfboards and surf shacks, beach umbrellas, and palm trees. You can even take a fantasy angle and create a mermaid’s oasis or pirate’s cove. Let your imagination run as wild as the ocean waves!

Out of This World

All children should be taught to reach for the stars—some of us just may teach that lesson more literally than others. This is another fun children’s room theme that can be handled in tons of different ways. For your future NASA explorers, you can focus on rocket ships and create a little “mission control” center for them to play in. Or, for your avid stargazers, fill the ceiling and walls with stars and constellations. You can also take another fantasy turn and fill the room with little green guys.

Level Up

Ok, y’all, here’s a quick tip for those whose video game knowledge ended with Pong: Consult your kids with how to best go about this theme. You might not know Pac-man from Mario, but you can bet your bottom dollar your kids do. Have them show you their favorite games and let them talk your ear off about what every little pixel means. Not only will you get some great interior décor ideas, but your kid will appreciate you taking an interest in what they love. And another tip—check online for merchandise if their game of choice is a little off the beaten path.

Once Upon a Time…

No childhood is complete without stories, whether your child adores fantasy novels, comic books, or belting out the soundtrack of every Disney movie in existence. Now, you do want to be wary of plastering licensed characters from the latest cartoon fad on the walls. Let’s face it, a new character will be along in a year or two, and you’ll be redecorating. My rule of thumb is that if the characters have been around for a long time, like Batman or Winnie the Pooh, then they’re a safe bet to put on the walls. You can also try painting a mural that captures the essence of a story without the characters and then add more specific accessories.

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