Furniture Care Guide from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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Furniture Care Guide

Furniture Care Guide from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Nothing pulls a room together like new furniture — but most people don’t have the budget to replace worn pieces every few years. Furniture is an investment and one worth protecting. So how can you keep your living spaces looking fresh, especially if you’ve got kids and pets? One key is in furniture care. When you invest time and effort into caring for your existing furnishings, you can keep them feeling fresh and looking new longer.

Here are a few basic tips for caring for your home’s furniture:

  1. Respond quickly to spills — If you can get in the habit of treating spills as soon as they occur, it will make cleanup a lot easier. When you spill a drink on a leather sofa, for example, aim to blot it immediately with a soft cloth — before the liquid has a chance to soak in and leave a permanent stain.

  2. Keep food away from furniture — Speaking of spilling drinks, you’d actually do yourself a big favor to just keep food and drinks away from your furniture altogether. If you aren’t eating on your upholstered chairs, you won’t be able to spill tomato sauce or grape juice on them.

  3. Practice good cleaning habits — Getting into a routine of regular furniture maintenance is another great way to extend its life. Dust often. Once a week, vacuum sofas and upholstered chairs. Once a month, wax and polish your wood furniture. And rotate your furniture’s cushions every few months to avoid signs of overuse and wear and tear.

For more practical ideas to help you care for your furniture, take a look at the attached guide. It offers tips designed to help you keep your leather, upholstered and hardwood furniture in great shape for the long haul — and to protect your investment, as well.

Furniture Care Guide from Sofas and Sectionals

Author bio: Bruce Tucker is the Vice President of Marketing for Sofas and Sectionals, a highly rated online furniture retailer. He has 12 years of experience in the industry and focuses on new designs in home furnishing.  

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