Gear up for Easter with these Fun Printables from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

What do you do to get ready for Easter? Do you decorate or snack on Easter treats? This year add a new activity to your Easter activities with these fun printables by Personal Creations
Carrot Poems
Give the Easter Bunny a boost of energy by packing him some carrots! Have your kids cut out the tags and sign their name to them. While they’re packing the bags, encourage them to have a healthy snack just like the Easter Bunny would!
Easter Bunny Letter
This mad-lib style letter can be silly or serious. For a funny twist, treat it like a mad lib and read off the prompts under the lines. Your kids can answer them without looking at the letter for a message that will produce lots of laughs! 
Easter Bunny Footprints
The footprint printables come in three sizes. On Easter morning, you can use the template and flour to leave Easter Bunny Footprints around the house or in the backyard. Your kids will be thrilled that they can the path the Easter Bunny took. You can even use the footprints as hints on where the eggs are hidden.

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