Get Your Nails Super Bowl Ready

I am not much on getting my nails done but my youngest daughter has somehow obtained the talent for nail design. So I asked for help in assisting with this blog post. So to get ready for the Super Bowl with this cute nail design. Here are step by step instructions for Super Bowl ready nails.

Super Bowl Nails post

First start with clean nails. Remove all old polish using acetone and make sure nails beds are clean. Then apply a base coat. A base coat is a clear coat of polish that will protect your nails from any damage the other polishes might do.


After applying the base coat, grab the green nail polish and paint the pinky, pointer and thumb on both hands.


So your nails should look like this at this point.


And yes they are her real nails and she is only 12. Next apply the brown polish to the remaining fingers.

brown nail polish

So your fingers should look like this now.

Super Bowl Ready Nails

So after your nails are dry, apply the green glitter to the nails that you painted green.


Then using white striper polish you add the football threads to the fingers polished brown.

White Striper Nail Polish

So your nails will look like this.

Super Bowl Ready Nails

Next apply a top coat to protect your beautiful work of art from chipping.

Top Coat for Nails

After all that is said is done. You should have beautiful nails that will sure to impress anyone at any Super Bowl Party you attend.

Super Bowl Ready Nails

So what do you think about my daughter’s Super Bowl ready nails? Are you jealous? I know I am.


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