Getting Closer: Fun Ways To Bond With Your Friends
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Getting Closer: Fun Ways To Bond With Your Friends

Getting Closer: Fun Ways To Bond With Your Friends

Not much tops the extraordinary bond of friendship, and an incredible friend fills many roles in life. They’re a listening ear, an advice giver, a loyal supporter, and so much more. Nourishing this relationship ensures that it lasts a lifetime. Check out some fun ways to bond with your friends so that y’all can spend much-needed time together.

Go Out To Eat

Bunch dates with your closest friends are the perfect start to your day, while dinner dates are the best ending. Y’all get to enjoy some delicious food while also catching up with one another. Going out to eat is also ideal because no one has the stress of hosting or the chore of cleaning up afterward. Instead, all of you can enjoy your time together.

As you decide where to eat, consider whether y’all want a specific type of cuisine, an experience, or a mix of both. Some restaurants may have live music or theme nights that make your time out even more fun.

Go on a Trip

I love going on girls’ trips and exploring new places with my closest friends. Talk with your travel companions and decide where y’all want to go most. Strive to base this around everyone’s budget so that no one feels excluded due to expenses. Once you decide on a place, work as a team or encourage everyone to select at least one activity for y’all to do.

Start a Book Club

What better way to spend time with friends than discussing your favorite stories? A book club gets all of you talking on a scheduled basis. When it’s your turn to host, make sure you know how to create the ideal atmosphere for the book club. You should put out a few tasty snacks and beverages that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, y’all should establish rules for your discussions so that everyone can openly express their opinion.

Pro Tip

Strive to switch off who hosts the book club and which friend selects the story y’all read. This allows everyone to feel included and provides a sense of control.

Have a Slumber Party

Whether you’re 16 or 60, I believe that you’re never too old to have a sleepover with your friends. Spending the night together gives y’all plenty of time to have deep conversations, play games, and watch movies. You can even grab brunch together the next day! This option is especially great if you don’t see your friends often.

Keep It Two-Sided

There are countless fun ways to spend time with friends, and one of the most important things to remember is that one person shouldn’t have to shoulder the entire responsibility of the friendship. This can become frustrating, leaving that friend feeling neglected or like you don’t prioritize the relationship.

If one of your friends is always the first to reach out or organize plans, strive to reciprocate this. Consider a fun friend date and send out a group text inviting everyone. When friendships are two-sided, everyone feels appreciated.

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