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Gift Wrapped Present

gift wrapped present

I opened my inbox the other day and came across this message. It got me thinking. This year my husband and I will celebrate our 20th year of marriage and 21 years of being together. During this time, we have faced a lot. But this quote got me thinking of how many times did I just leave that gift wrapped and concealed. If someone looked at us, they swear we have a perfect marriage, but in all honesty, we don’t. And if anyone ever says their marriage is perfect than they are lying to you.

My husband and I 2 years ago
My husband and I 2 years ago

Because marriage is hard. Some days you are smiling and some days you are in tears, but you still can’t imagine a life without the other person.  Looking back I never would have thought that my life would have changed when I met my husband. It was one of those love at first sight stories that make you sick. I knew that I would marry him. Although sometimes he does things to make me mad, I never could imagine life without him. I have been thinking about our marriage lately since my mom lost my dad ( they would have celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary today.)

Mom and Dad on the day they got engaged
Mom and Dad on the day they got engaged

So I am going to start looking at my marriage as a gift sometimes it can be the present that you don’t want at the moment, but then you realize later that this gift comes in handy. So there will be no return or exchanges for this gift well unless Spike from shows up at my door then all bets are off. 😉

So tell me do you see your marriage as a gift?

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  1. Meeting my husband was one of the best gifts I have ever been given. He takes such great care of me & the kids.

  2. Of course I see my marriage as a gift. We’ve been together around 20 years and I do believe we were brought together.

  3. Thank you for your honesty! Marriage is hard but Love is easy! 😉 I think Marriage and parenthood are two of the biggest ways the Lord guides us, strengthens us, and tests us! I have learned countless things through my marriage and I definitely wouldn’t be who I am today without my husband. I do believe my husband is a gift but it is always good to be reminded of it. We have been married 11 yrs.

  4. I definitely see marriage as a gift. It takes a lot of work, but it’s a beautiful thing when both parties are willing to do their best.

  5. Yes I do and I have had almost 38 years to enjoy that great gift. We are very happy together and I look forward to many more years to come.

  6. Absolutely! I will be celebrating 12 years of marriage (18 years together!) this May. Every day with him is definitely a gift (though some days I wonder if I can give the gift back lol)!

  7. Hey! I totally got that Spike Flashpoint reference! LOVED LOVED that show! Anyways you said a mouthful here. True – it is not easy but it is very clear I love my husband and can’t imagine life without him.

  8. I agree Marriage life can’t be easy for everyone. And, I think I must admit I am so lucky to have a husband who loves & cares so much for me & my daughters.

  9. We as a society do need to look at marriage more this way! Because it IS hard and on *those* days you need to keep perspective.

  10. I think one thing everyone needs to remember is that there is no such thing as perfection. Everyone has their own idea of what it is, and most of the time its not attainable. Of course, everyone’s version of perfection is different.

    Congrats on making in 20 years. In this day and age where divorce rates constantly rise, that is a special event.

    Marriage is a gift. One you must earn. And when you become married, one should never stop being thankful for your gift.

  11. Congratulations on making it to 20. I’m on the verge of a divorce after 10 and marriage is tough. Marriage is truly a gift, especially when you find “the one”.

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