Gone, Never Forgotten: Common Prayers and Poems for Funerals
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Gone, Never Forgotten: Common Prayers and Poems for Funerals

Gone, Never Forgotten: Common Prayers and Poems for Funerals

Whether y’all are crafting the funeral program for a recently deceased loved one, creating a loved one’s custom prayer or memorial card, or looking for a way to commemorate them through words, consider prayer or poem. They can help capture the complex emotions of losing someone close to you. If you’re in charge of sharing a prayer or poem at a loved one’s funeral, you may not know where to start. To make y’all’s search easier, I’ve consolidated a list of common prayers and poems for funerals. The reason these odes are so popular is because of their ability to convey feelings that are often difficult to articulate.

A Prayer for the Dead

A Prayer for the Dead emphasizes the comforting idea that God has a plan for everything. Though death can be a hard concept to grasp, y’all can find solace in knowing that the passing of your loved one is a part of a greater plan from the Lord.

Don’t Cry for Me

This poem comes from the point of view of the deceased, expressing how their loved ones shouldn’t weep for them, but know that they are all around them through the beauty of nature. There is always something in life that will come to remind y’all of them and offer comfort.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Another one of my selections of common prayers and poems for funerals is Gone, But Not Forgotten. This poem speaks to the infiniteness of your loved one’s impact.

The poem expresses how despite your loved ones being gone, they can still make a difference in your life through memories. The message also highlights the importance of focusing on the love that surrounded the deceased, both during their life and posthumously.

Finding the right words to encapsulate how you’re feeling about a loss is no easy feat. In addition to commemorating your loved one with a few personal words, consider sharing one of the prayers or poems to further express what they meant to you.

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