Guide to Planning a Successful Volunteer Event
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Guide to Planning a Successful Volunteer Event

Guide to Planning a Successful Volunteer Event

Nearly all of us have a cause near our hearts, and finding ways to help lets our inner light shine bright. Believe me, running a charity event is a lot of work, but it’s always worth it. You get to bond with like-minded people and help a nonprofit you support. This guide to planning a successful volunteer event will ease the planning process.

Define Who You’ll Help

The first step is the most important—knowing which charity you’ll help. If you’re an animal lover, search out local shelters and humane societies. Likewise, if you want equal access to education, reach out to local schools. Volunteer events are one of the best ways to help your community, so search out regional causes first to make your neighborhood a better place for everyone.

Once you decide who you’ll help, note this on the flyers you create, plus the event website or social media page. Making this information clear helps y’all drive up support as you reach out to like-minded individuals. Before people donate, they always like to know who they’re helping.

Decide on a Type of Event

Once you know who you’ll help, think about what type of volunteer event would be best. This could be a charity run, a gala, or an online auction. To make your decision easier, think about the size of the event and where you’ll locate it.

If you plan to reach out to several hundred people, events like a charity run are great. Plus, activities like this can intrigue people who enjoy marathons but may not know much about the cause. Use this to educate others on why their help is vital.

Decide on a Date and Place

Up next in my guide to planning a successful volunteer event is to set a precise date and time for when things will take place. I recommend doing this after you’ve decided on the type of event because if it’s outside, seasonality may create barriers. Similarly, if y’all hold a charity gala, you’ll likely need to rent out a ballroom space.

Promote Your Event

Promotion is one of the most important steps you’ll take. If you don’t make the event known, people can’t volunteer, which means an unsuccessful event. Create a website and social media pages for the event, then tell friends and family about it. Make time to talk with local businesses and ask if you can hang a flyer outside the establishment to draw more attention.

Pro Tip

Explain why the cause matters on your website and tell a story of who’s benefitting. People are more likely to join your wonderful efforts if they can put a face on those in need. So if your event strives to end food insecurity, work with a family in need and share their story. Charity work is about connection, and nothing brings us closer than a story of vulnerability.

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