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Happy birthday to the amazing actress, playwright, activist, and all around icon – Ruby Dee! Best known for her work in films such as A Raisin in the Sun, Do the Right Thing, and American Gangster, Dee played a huge role in paving the way for other African-American actors and filmmakers. In honor of the icon’s birthday (she would have been 92!),Karina Dresses is running a sale on their popular RUBY dress. From 10/28 to 10/29, all Ruby dresses (sleeveless AND 3/4 sleeves) will be marked down from $158 to $99. So, go ahead and add some outer beauty to that wonderful inner beauty you’ve already got.

Karina Dresses was founded in 2007, based upon fashion industry veteran, Karina Cousineau’s, vision of creating dresses for every woman. She knew there was a real need for a fashion line that makes every body (and everybody) feel and look great no matter what shape or size. A line that made every woman feel like a Frockstar™. Handmade in New York from limited edition fabrics, Karina Dresses creates a custom collection that is both classic and fashion-forward. Through a deep dialogue with retailers and direct clients, Karina takes a “slow fashion” approach, patiently nurturing dresses with artisanal attention to fit, fabric and construction.

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