Homemade Shaving Cream From Essential Oils


Hi there, my name is Jack Prenter and I’m the founder of As a man who likes to ensure that I’m constantly clean shaven, smartly dressed and well-prepared for the day, I find that I spend a lot of money on shaving. Looking at the ingredients in shaving cream I was surprised at how many there were; it seems like such a simple product?

My response was to go out and create my own shaving cream. Something which I could use on a daily basis and would know exactly what it contained. It’s something which I’ve been using for months now and I can’t imagine going back to commercial shaving cream.

The recipe itself is actually very simple and the ingredients can be found cheaply in most stores. I’m a big believer in knowing exactly what you’re putting on (or in!) your body and I’d highly encourage anybody who is interested in a bit of DIY fun to give this recipe a try and let me know what you think.


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  1. I just read from another blog about history of shaving cream and the ingredients in it, is not something that you would want to know. And speaking of homemade shaving cream, your ingredients are simple, not like in the shaving can contents, too many didn’t bother to read it. The steps are easy too, I’m going to have to try this later. By the way, where do you buy your essential oils? Thanks.

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