How Do You Know Which Marketing Advice Applies To You

How Do You Know Which Marketing Advice Applies To You?

Every business needs to invest in some marketing to help keep them afloat. There’s no denying that. However, if you go looking for marketing advice online, then you might find that it can either be too broad and too obvious to be of any real help beyond helping you set up right from the very beginning, or it can be so specific as to not really apply to your business. So, how do you really find marketing advice that’s specific to your needs?

Work out the spaces relevant to your business

First of all, you have to think about what kind of business you’re running and how far its reach runs. For instance, if your business is a local store, cafe, or restaurant, then some online marketing is going to fit, but you’re also going to want to largely focus on bringing in local audiences, which can mean a greater reliance on physical marketing, be it local radio ads, mailers, or the like. If you’re looking at marketing for an e-commerce business, then you want to focus on marketing methods that give customers a direct into your website or storefront so that you’re better able to shorten the path from interest to conversion.

Look for experts in your industry or field

There are going to be specifics to your business’s industry or field that can help you highlight the parts of it that you’re going to want to put your marketing energies towards. For instance, for lifestyle brands, a recent tip has been to focus on visually strong social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok where they can better sell the visual appeal of their brand. You should keep an eye out for experts in the field who can give you better and more specific advice for your field, like Freddi Wald for those in the arts and culture sector. Her site is a good example of industry-specific advice from someone who has the experience and expertise to lend credence to her advice.

Think about where your audience

Don’t spend too much time focusing on just your business and where your business should be and what your business should be doing. Think of the other side of the equation as well: where is your audience and how can you reach them? Marketing experts like Neil Patel can offer some great advice on how to find out who your target audience is, first and foremost, if you’re not certain, and then how you can ensure that you’re using the same platforms as your audience. For instance, if you’re targeting a younger audience, then you might not want to spend as much time trying to target them on social media channels they’re less likely to use, such as Facebook.

There are a lot of ways to go about your marketing, but you need to make sure it fits the circumstances of your business, what industry it’s in, how people interact with the business, and even which audience you’re trying to reach. Hopefully, the tips above help you work that out.

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