How To Add Bursts of Color to Your Living Room
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How To Add Bursts of Color to Your Living Room

How To Add Bursts of Color to Your Living Room

Our homes are where we spend most of our time, so we want them to be functional and look pretty. While gray and other darker colors can undoubtedly be calming, you want your living room to be lively and exciting! Here are a few ways to add bursts of color to your living room.

Install LED Lights

Lots of people are beginning to use LED lights in their homes to add a splash of color to different areas. If y’all want to make your living room more interesting, try installing a trip of LED lights behind your TV to turn any plain movie night into a movie experience!

Incorporate Colorful Art

If you want to keep your furniture monochromatic, y’all can bring color to the space by placing art pieces around the room. That doesn’t just include wall art; you can try adding geode home décor to make a statement and create a gallery-like environment.

Add Various Accents

There are many ways to accent your living room with various colors. For example, add bright yellow throw pillows to a gray couch to make both colors pop together. You can add color via other accents, such as:

  • Area rugs
  • Bright stools/coffee tables
  • Curtains
  • Flowers

Be sure that the accents complement each other and the original color in your living room so that you don’t have clashing colors!

Use your Ceiling

Instead of adding an accent wall, get creative and add color to your living room by painting the ceiling! You can use different wallpaper designs or add a fresh coat of paint up there to make the rest of your living room more eye-catching.

Paint a New Color

Or y’all can paint the living room a whole new color, like navy blue, a pop of peach, fuchsia, vibrant green, and more. I love a colorful living room, so I’m always ready to paint it some wild color and go from there!

Just make sure the color isn’t too “heavy,” and the rest of your furniture, accents, etc., are on the opposite side of the color wheel so that your space looks the best it can!

Now that you know how to add bursts of color to your living room, touch up your space and make it pop with different hues and shades!

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