How To Be a Minimalist When You Still Like Having Things

How To Be a Minimalist When You Still Like Having Things

How To Be a Minimalist When You Still Like Having Things

Have you ever felt guilty about keeping things because you thought you might need them someday? Yeah, we’re all guilty of this. I know I am, y’all. However, I’ve discovered a way that can help those of us struggling to achieve minimalism. It all starts with accepting that we can change and improve our ways. To do this, use my guide to how to be a minimalist when you still like having things.

Get Rid of Things That Don’t Feel Sentimental

We all love our clothes, but some of them need to go. Start breaking away from your hoarding tendencies and allowing your minimalistic instincts to influence you. I want you to start by pulling every piece of clothing you know you don’t wear anymore from your closet. Then, calmly place each piece into a donation bag. Next, tackle the shoes. I know—no girl can have too many shoes, but we can still control the quantity, y’all.

After the shoes, it’s time to part ways with furniture and other household items you no longer need. Soon enough, you’ll realize how roomy your home truly feels. Once you’ve compiled everything, consider having a yard sale, selling the items online, or simply donating them.

Set a Budget

We all like a little retail therapy, but we can go a little overboard. Quickly fix this by setting a monthly budget and sticking to it, only splurging once or twice a year. Frugality and minimalism go hand in hand, and they’re the best combination ever. As you learn how to be a minimalist when you still like having things, you’ll also learn how to appreciate the value of a dollar.

Spend Intentionally

Intentional spending means spending money on purpose rather than impulsively purchasing something you don’t really need. For example, I thought I needed a new dining room table, but I’m certain I don’t need a third bookshelf, y’all. One of my biggest accomplishments was only buying the table, and I learned something from this purchase. Folks, when we don’t spend money on a whim, we’re saving ourselves from having to live with a purchase that won’t really benefit us in the long run.

As you learn how to embrace minimalism, you’ll no longer feel restrained by the physical clutter in your home. Instead, you’ll get to embrace a whole new lifestyle. So take this opportunity to become frugal, and appreciate not having clutter in your home, y’all.

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