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My nieces and nephews are the cutest, y’all. I love putting a smile on their faces every chance I get. Admittedly, I also love it when they sing my praises. My own children wouldn’t necessarily describe me as hip. My nieces and nephews, on the other hand, tell a whole different story. Read this guide on how to be the cool aunt or uncle if you want the little ones in your life to think highly of you.

Stay Trendy

It’s important to keep up with trends when you’re trying to connect with younger generations. I never let myself fall out of touch. For example, I try my best to listen to the most popular radio stations. That way, I can sing along with my nieces when I drive them to dance practice. I also try my hardest to pay attention to fashion trends. Going shopping with my nieces is one of my favorite pastimes. They let me know what looks good and what garments are out of style.

Spoil Them

Parents aren’t known for spoiling their children—that’s a job for aunts and uncles. Think about getting the youngsters a treat the next time you see them. There’s nothing wrong with indulging them once in a while, y’all. I like to keep these treats a secret from the kiddos’ parents. Sometimes, I chauffeur my nieces and nephews around town. Occasionally we stop for pre-dinner ice cream if the kids promise not to spill the beans. It feels good to treat them, and our little secret bonds us together.

Be Communicative & Trusting

Kids need to know they can turn to their aunts and uncles when they need to, y’all, so be communicative and respectful every time you speak with them. My nieces and nephews don’t love to tell their parents everything that’s happening in their lives, so they turn to me for advice a lot. I always try to be non-judgmental and reassuring. I only tell their parents if the issue is incredibly serious and something I feel they should know. I’m thrilled that these kiddos see me as a shoulder to lean on.

Follow this guide on how to be the cool aunt or uncle if you want to impress the little ones in your life. The relationship between you and your nieces and nephews is irreplaceable—do everything you can to protect it. Plus, as a bonus, they’ll keep you young and hip, too.

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