How To Choose Hair Extensions That Are Right for You from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

How To Choose Hair Extensions That Are Right for You

How To Choose Hair Extensions That Are Right for You from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

If y’all haven’t tried hair extensions yet, you are certainly one of a kind. Whether you realize it or not, hair extensions are on heads all around you, made ubiquitous by such unstoppable forces as divas, reality stars, and youngsters. Some people these days can even be described as all three! No one will know if you’re wearing extensions, but even if they do, you’ll find that hair extensions are now as de rigueur as highlights.

Extensions are simply evidence that you respect yourself enough to look and feel good. This is not something you should buy on impulse, though. Learn how to choose hair extensions that fit your needs and discuss it with your stylist. Now, don’t roll your eyes. We know y’all prize your independence, but this is a job for an expert, not your “I can do it by myself!” inner toddler. Do your research before your appointment, and ponder the following considerations.


J. Lo has a standing invitation to the Grammy Awards, but you do not. Therefore, you probably won’t need elaborate extensions that make you look a foot taller. Likewise, if you regularly work out, you’ll want something that slips in and out of your hair easily, like clip-ins. It’s not fair to put your hairpieces through the same wear and tear you inflict on your body. Remember that you want more hair, not more hassle.


So many types of extensions, so little space on your head! You can’t have them all, so it’s best to go in knowing the basic types of hair extensions. Decide if you’re okay with synthetic hair or if you want to splurge on real hair. If y’all are just looking to turn up the volume for Ladies’ Night, investigate temporary clip-ins. Semi-permanent extensions such as tape-ins can last from six to eight weeks. If things have gotten so bad that you can’t even face yourself in the mirror, permanent extensions such as keratin bonds and micro-beading can last many months. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, including hair extensions.


Test-drive different kinds of extensions before you invest too much money in them. If you can get a headache from a headband, don’t risk getting extensions that you’ll dread wearing. If you choose sew-ins that are too heavy or placed too close to your scalp, they’ll hurt going in, and they’ll hurt thereafter.


The right extensions will boast subtle highlights and lowlights for movement and depth. But, we have to bring up your stylist again here, because a professional can do a better job of choosing the right color for you. They have a better eye for evaluating your hair from different angles and lighting. Remember that they can also custom-color the extensions to blend naturally with your real hair.

Y’all, take your time before whipping out that credit card and putting just anything on your head. Learn how to choose hair extensions that suit your needs, so they can blend seamlessly into your life and your hair.

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  1. This blog offers valuable insights on choosing the right hair extensions to enhance your natural beauty. The tips provided are practical and will help readers make informed decisions. Thanks for sharing this helpful guide!

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