Planter boxes are attached to a fence that is made up of wood or chain links, deck railing, or on top of a balcony. While looking for one, a buyer should pay close attention to the back bar or brackets for good support. These brackets, if not sturdy, will be blown away by strong winds. Some of the other tips that one can consider while purchasing a planter box are:

How to Choose the Right Kind of Planter Boxes for Apartment Gardens from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Vertical Areas Create A Lot of Space

It is best for apartment owners to create vertical spaces to maximize the space that is required to create a garden. Planter boxes that can be hung on ceilings, railings, or walls should be selected for such areas. One more attractive feature is to look for a pallet shelve or use a sturdy shoe rack to make space look like a cool place.

Selecting Raised Planters

Raised planter boxes are another type of space-saving option that is available in the market. One can find a room below the boxes for storing because they are located right on top of legs. Because of the legs, one can see the beauty of the plants. These planters improve the convenience of the owner who is growing these plants because they need not bend down to water them.

Self-watering Planters

People who own plants and are constantly traveling should purchase self-watering planters because water needs to be stored as a reservoir. This ensures that the plants are always provided with hydration and nurtured constantly. These planter boxes are designed in such a way that the plants are watered for close to two or three weeks.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Planter Boxes for Apartment Gardens from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget


This is a unique planter that houses multiple stands to grow plants. Tables can be used as a base for cover planter boxes in large balconies. These boxes can be used to grow exotic plants like cactus and many more. Also, they provide a shade for plants that need to grow in damp areas.

Deep Garden Planters

These planter boxes are very similar to the raised ones except for that they can be used to cultivate items that were otherwise impossible to be grown in balcony gardens – like deep-rooted vegetables and fruits. Along with this, one can see shallow-rooted vegetables and fruits that are grown in these planters.

Evaluating the Light

Most of the gardeners overestimate the amount of sun that might fall on their plants. To determine the quantity of sunlight, the plants should be placed in planter boxes first and then in a stationary position in the balcony. Even a sunlight thermometer can be used to measure the amount of sunlight falling on the plants.

Making A List of The Plants

Even if the gardener purchases the best planter boxes in the market, not all the plants can be the best fit for the garden. Hence, he should buy a set of plants and then take a chance with them. This is very important because some plants might need a lot of space to grow to their full potential.

Even though there is not enough space on the balcony for growing plants, a gardener can find several herbs or small plants that can save a lot of space. The best option is to go for raised plants as well.

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