How to Create a Memorable Wedding Day for the Whole Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

How to Create a Memorable Wedding Day for the Whole Family

How to Create a Memorable Wedding Day for the Whole Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to bring all of your loved ones together in one place. You can create a memorable time for the whole family if you take the time to consider their needs and preferences. Here are five ways that you can show your guests that you care that they have a wonderful time celebrating this new beginning in your life.

Encourage Mingling 

One way to ensure that everyone has an amazing time on your special day is to encourage mingling prior to the ceremony. One way to do this is to host a rehearsal dinner and invite everyone to join in on the fun. This is an especially good idea if you are hosting a destination wedding. If your budget or time constraints do not allow this, you may consider hosting a pre-ceremony cocktail reception so that all of your guests can become acquainted. These social gatherings will ensure that everyone feels at ease and are ready to have a great time at your wedding and reception.

Have Fun with Photography

Your photography is an element that you can let your creativity shine so that everyone at your wedding is part of the fun. In addition to your traditional wedding photos, be sure to hire a photographer who is open to taking candid shots of your wedding party and all of your guests. This will encourage guest interaction and provide you with priceless memories for the rest of your life. Consider searching for photographers in your area with photos that look similar to the style you want for your pictures, such as wedding photographers NYC, or perhaps looking for destination photographers that are willing to travel to you. 

Choose a Unique Venue

You can make your wedding and reception stand out from the crowd by choosing a unique venue for the celebration. Think beyond the lines of a traditional reception hall and your guests will appreciate the chance to celebrate your love in a unique way. If the weather allows, outdoor weddings are also refreshing for guests. Fun ideas for your venue include art galleries, campgrounds, beach destinations, or ski lodges. The key is to find a place that guests will actually look forward to visiting as part of the nuptials.

Give Practical Wedding Favors

Presenting your wedding guests with practical wedding favors is a great way to show them that you value their presence on your big day. Be sure to consider the travel constraints of some of your guests so that everyone is able to easily transport their favor back home. Some of the trendiest wedding favors today include plastic stemless wine glasses, handmade soaps, engraved tea towels, or edible gifts that reflect the local tastes of your wedding destination. Your guests will appreciate having a gift to take home that is both functional and creative.

Think of the Kids

If you are planning on inviting children to your wedding, coming up with ways to entertain them will ensure that everyone has a more enjoyable time, including their parents. Good ideas include passing out coloring books and crayons during the ceremony and having a dedicated arts and crafts table at the reception. You will also make the party easier for the parents if you make an effort to offer kid-friendly food and drink at the reception so that they are not battling with their children over what to eat.

Elevate an ordinary wedding to something extraordinary by creating an event that the entire family will love. These five ideas provide a great starting point as you begin planning the most important day in your life, your wedding day.   

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