How To Create the Perfect Gift Basket

How to create the perfect gift basket
The holidays are behind us, but gift-giving doesn’t stop. Try something new this year when birthdays or other celebrations arise by creating gift baskets.

Ya’ll don’t need a special occasion to give a fun gift to someone you care about. Gift baskets are the perfect way to offer a small token of appreciation or create a unique care package for weddings or birthdays. Once you start, you’ll want to keep filling baskets as you come up with more ideas! There are no rules for how to create the perfect gift basket. The perfect gift basket is the one that simply shows you care.

Pick up Gift Basket Items Throughout the Year

Now is a great time to hit the clearance racks or clearance categories online to stock up for gifts throughout the year. Some people like to keep an area of their closet as a designated gift-storing center so they can throw together a basket with little notice. Store away small things like socks, mugs, or anything that reminds you of someone you know until it’s time to put your gift together.

Grab decorative baskets and boxes when you see them on sale so that you are always “gift basket ready.” Even cute buckets work well. Keep some cellophane, tissue, bubble wrap, and anything ya’ll can think of on hand for filling in the gaps and protecting gifts. Now you’re ready to start gifting!

Consider the Likes and Dislikes of the Receiver

This point is pretty obvious. When creating a gift basket, consider what your friend or loved one enjoys. Are they a fitness buff? Then you’ll want to think about what a fitness fan might like as a gift. A foodie or wine connoisseur? Corkscrews and cheeses fit well in a gift basket! Whatever their likes, just focus on their personality, and you’ll come up with some fun ideas.

Put It Together and Deliver It

Don’t stress yourself out over if you put your basket together correctly—there’s no wrong or right way. A helpful hint is to put taller items in the back so that everything is visible. Shove some tissue in the gaps, wrap the entire thing with cellophane, and tie it together with a ribbon. Or don’t wrap it at all if you aren’t worried about items falling out.

If possible, leave the gift basket as a surprise, along with a note, on someone’s porch. Otherwise, you can bring the basket to a gathering and get ready for the oohs and ahs.

Gift baskets make a big impression because they require thoughtfulness. Best of all, once you learn how to create the perfect gift basket, you’ll be anxiously awaiting the next gifting opportunity.

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