How To Enjoy Summer From the Comforts of Your Home
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How To Enjoy Summer From the Comforts of Your Home

How To Enjoy Summer From the Comforts of Your Home

Although I would love to jet off to someplace new for a summer getaway, realistically, I don’t always have the finances or the time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take a break. Y’all, sometimes we just have to make do with what we’ve got, and a staycation at home can be just as fun and rewarding as a summer trip away. From backyard fun to indoor self-care, there are many ways to enjoy summer from the comforts of our home.

Backyard Camping

Backyards provide us with the perfect blank slate for setting up summer staycation activities. My favorite way to make the most of the yard? Turning it into an at-home camping ground. Camping is one of the classic summer traditions. It bonds us with nature and helps us escape from life’s daily rush and grind. This summer, let’s pitch up a tent, set up a campfire, and unroll our sleeping bags for a night under the stars in the comforts of our backyard. A bonus to camping in the yard is our easy access to the bathrooms and kitchen. Plus, the shelter’s never too far if it rains.

International Outdoor Cookout

Another traditional summer activity is the outdoor cookout. But, y’all, we’re adding a twist. To fulfill our lack of overseas travel this summer, host an international cookout. There are lots of traditional dishes and foods to explore across the countless cultures and countries that make up the globe. An international-themed cookout challenges us to create new dishes and explore flavors from around the world without catching a flight out of town. With help from the internet, we can find all sorts of recipes to cook on the grill and savor in our backyard.

Pool Day

Slap on some sunscreen and go for a dip in a pool. During summertime, swimming offers a refreshing solution to beat the summer heat. Whether your backyard comes with a pool or y’all buy a temporary, freestanding version for the warmer months, a pool day is a great way to make the most of summer at home. Styling your poolside patio with some essentials further enhances the backyard pool day and makes it feel more like a summer trip away.

At-Home Spa Day

We deserve self-care all year round, but there’s no better time for it than during summer. Plus, with the whole family around, everyone can get involved. From face masks to at-home manis and pedis, recreating a spa-like experience at home is a breeze with the necessary tools. To amp up the experience, serve some mint ice water and mocktails to your at-home spa service.

Enjoying summer from the comforts of our home may not be the same as snorkeling in the tropics or touring local cafes in Europe, but it still allows us to make the most of summer. Even if we aren’t traveling across distances, hopping on a plane, or visiting a travel hot spot, we can still enjoy a summer break.

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