How To Get Your Indoor Plants To Grow Faster
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How To Get Your Indoor Plants To Grow Faster

How To Get Your Indoor Plants To Grow Faster

Indoor plants can turn any dim and dull room into a lush and inviting atmosphere. But it takes time for indoor plants to grow, especially if you neglect them. I’ll show you how to get your indoor plants to grow faster with just a few simple tips!

Use the Right Soil

Suitable soil composition is crucial to the health and growth of a plant. Indoor plants are generally more adaptable, but if y’all want to see your plants flourish, pay attention to the soil you put them in. Consider adding soil mixes, manure, or even grass clippings to your plant’s soil to ensure it’s rich with nutrients for growth. Most plants grow in simple soil, but if you’ve got something more unique, research what type of nutrients it needs to reach its full potential.

Go Easy With the Water

It may seem counterintuitive, but a familiar mistake plant owners make is overwatering. Plants that get too much can choke on the water and become unable to gather necessary nutrients from the soil. Before watering, check the soil thoroughly. It should be dry about two to three inches deep before adding more water to the pot.

Add Plant Food

If you really want to boost your plant growth, a rich and healthy fertilizer could be just the thing. Plants require three essential nutrients: phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. House plant food provides all three of these vital nutrients to give your indoor plant a head start on growth. Follow the directions of the fertilizer you use, but don’t overdo it, as that can be harmful to the plant’s growth.

Increase Light

We all know that plants need light to grow, so ensure that your plant is in an appropriate location to catch some rays. If you don’t have a window that offers enough sunlight, you might want to consider a grow light. Grow lights are inexpensive, and it only takes a few hours under a grow light to get similar results from direct sunlight. Just make sure y’all stick to your watering schedule and don’t dehydrate the plant!

Introduce More Humidity

Many indoor house plants thrive in humid settings, which can be difficult to replicate—especially in the winter. If you’ve got a plant that grows better in warmer temperatures, consider investing in a humidifier. You’ll notice a tangible difference in growth between a plant with humidity and one in a dryer environment. If you want your plants to keep thriving in the dry winter, a humidifier may be just what the doctor ordered.

These are just a few tips to get your house plants to grow faster, but green thumbs always know how to develop the best strategies and ideas. What helps your indoor plants grow better? Let us know!

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