How To Keep Up With Car Maintenance in the Winter

How To Keep Up With Car Maintenance in the Winter

How To Keep Up With Car Maintenance in the Winter

Have y’all heard the news? Winter is coming, and we need to brace ourselves for the chilly weather! Even as the snow falls and we keep shoveling out our driveways, we need to know how to keep up with car maintenance in the winter. I don’t want to walk to and from the store in the snow, and I imagine you don’t either, so let’s learn something new about winter car maintenance.

Keep Your Wheels Shining

We all like a shiny set of wheels, don’t we? It’s essential to keep our wheels glistening, especially if your wheels are made of chromium. Keeping chrome wheels in decent shape is more difficult in the winter because rock salt can cause them to corrode or pit.

One of the best tips for keeping chromium wheels shiny in winter is to give them a good rinse with soap and water more often to prevent the salt from taking a toll on them. A good wax can also protect the chrome and keep it shining like a diamond.

Regularly Check Your Car’s Fluids

We wouldn’t drive our trucks without fuel, would we? The same goes for all the other vital fluids keeping our engines running. Regularly check the oil, antifreeze, and washer fluid during the winter. Cold weather can thicken these fluids, making the machines work harder. Top them up and keep them in good condition so that your car functions.

Tire Pressure Is One You Don’t Want To Miss

Freezing air is cruel on our tires and causes them to lose pressure faster than in hotter months. Keep that tire pressure in check by investing in a good gauge and periodically checking all four tires. This practice improves your overall drive by keeping you safe on slick roads and saving you on fuel.

Give the Old Battery Some Love

Wintertime can be unkind to car batteries. Cold temperatures can weaken your battery’s ability to hold a charge, and nobody wants to be stuck in the cold with a dead car. Be sure to test the battery regularly and replace it if needed to keep that motor running strong.

After compiling this list of ways to keep up with car maintenance in the winter, I hope you can keep your ride running smoothly when Jack Frost comes to town. So, stay warm out there and remember to take care of those vehicles during the chilly winter months.

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