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How to Keep Your Style During Pregnancy

How to Keep Your Style During Pregnancy from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

It’s no secret that pregnancy can seriously alter your appearance. For some moms-to-be, pregnancy can be a huge confidence boost, but other moms-to-be aren’t too keen on their physical changes. One factor that can impact your feeling of empowerment and make you feel a little less like yourself is maternity clothing. There’s not a lot out of fashionable options out there for pregnant women. Believe it or not, however, there is a way to still dress like you, even during that trying last trimester. If you need ways to keep loving your ever-changing body or to maintain a sense of self during this whirlwind of a time, check out my little guide on how to keep your style during pregnancy.

Find ways to accommodate your changing body

There’s more to pregnancy than growing a baby bump. You might grow in other places, too. I know that my main issue was feet swelling. I didn’t like having to switch out my dresses and tights for compression socks—which, by the way, were not typically super-cute. Luckily, there are now many stylish options for compression stockings, pantyhose, and socks, which offer many benefits for pregnant women.

Another common issue you may experience while you’re pregnant is growing breasts. Some women love this addition to their bodies, but others aren’t super into it. If you’re more modest in your clothing tastes, try adding a tank top underneath tops or—my sneaky trick—a stretchy sports bra in a solid color. It will look like a tank top, but it’s way comfier!

Pick out clothes that can grow (or shrink) with you

You’ll do a lot of growing and shrinking in the months to come, so if you do invest in new clothing for your pregnancy, make sure it’s something that will grow and shrink with your changing body. Don’t buy anything in the maternity section that you wouldn’t have purchased in the women’s section pre-pregnancy—you probably won’t feel like you’re truly displaying your sense of style.   

Don’t count out your pre-pregnancy clothes just yet

Make sure you dig through your closets, y’all. In this age of athleisure clothing, you’re bound to have at least a few pre-pregnancy items that just might work for your growing bump. During the early stages of their pregnancies, many women choose to hide their bumps with flowy shirts and open blazers. However, once you’ve shared the news about your pregnancy, why not show off your bump? I liked to wear my stretchy bodycon dresses with a cute sweater over it (to hide my arms—I gained a bunch of weight there during my second trimester!). You may be surprised at how much of what you already own will get you through your pregnancy. So use these simple tips on how to keep your style during pregnancy to be stylish mom-to-be that you were meant to be.

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