How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget
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How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof

How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Your home is as cozy as it gets only if the roof up there is solid with no signs of leaks, loose shingles or missing tiles or pretty much anything that would warrant the presence of a handyman. However, you’ll know that repairs are long overdue when you spot a bunch of roof shingles scattered all over the deck and in your driveway or gutters precariously hanging.

There’s more to these signs that mere loose shingles and leaks, though

  1. Signs of misalignment of shingles like some appearing slack and may get lifted when a mighty, stormy wind blows.
  2. The problem can get even bigger if it’s an entire row of curled shingles or the roofing sheets are missing, and even mere patching will not salvage the situation.
  3. Another thing to check is the ridges, valleys, and the surface. Look out for unsealed nail heads because they are the ones that allow water to get behind the shingles and seep in through the sheathing.
  4. A discolored roof is also a clear sign that the roof is worn-out and urgently calls for repairs or replacement.
  5. It’s mostly the same thing as finding lots of granules in the gutter since they are the tell-tale signs of the shingles wearing off.
  6. If there is a sign of a portion that has started to sag and is about to cave in or is rotting away, generally because it’s a 25-year-old roof, then time is ripe to give it a complete makeover. Mostly, you will notice this in an area with a massive growth of moss or algae.
  7. Other factors to consider are when there are damp spots around the fireplace or the paint on the ceiling has started to peel off.  If there’s a damp smell from the ceiling or the sun’s rays can penetrate through into the attic, the roof certainly must have been damaged.

If you any of these, it is imperative to be a bit proactive and determine if the roof actually needs minor roof repairs or a complete replacement of the entire roof.

And because the question of ‘repair or replace’ isn’t an easy one, you might have to climb up to the roof and determine the extent of the damages. A professional can alternatively do this on your behalf provided you know the signs to look out for.

When to Patch It Up or Do Other Minor Roof Repairs

No time will be available to waste if you notice that the roof can be repaired. This usually is the case when the roof is pretty new and the extent of damage isn’t big or it even hasn’t been significantly damaged yet. You can do this when:

  • A few shingles are missing due to poor roofing practices.
  • A strong wind or fallen branches damaged part of the roof.
  • An isolated area has started to show signs of leaking.

When to Replace the Entire Roof

In typical circumstances, age is the core determinant, although you may pull the whole of it down unless a roofing contractor agrees to it. It’s acceptable to repair a roof if the extent of the damage does not affect its overall integrity. However, given that a total replacement is usually a case of ‘absolutely no more repairs could salvage it,’ don’t hesitate to give it the go-ahead!

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