How to Nurture the Connection You Have with Your Dog from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

How to Nurture the Connection You Have with Your Dog

How to Nurture the Connection You Have with Your Dog from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Champagne Style Bare Budget

Like all relationships, the one you have with your dog needs to be nurtured to make a lasting connection. Unlike most human relationships, you won’t have to work very hard to earn your dog’s love and trust. Dogs are naturally lovers and their trust comes easily.

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Here are a few tips to cultivate a strong connection you need to have with your beloved dog.

Spending Time Together

No matter what size, your dog is, always spend time with him or her. Dogs don’t live as long as humans, no matter how much we wish they would. Spending time outdoors, playing fetch, playing tug-of-war, taking them to the pet store or simply hanging out on the couch are all ways you can show your dog you love them.

A dog doesn’t care if you are wealthy or poor, in good health or sickly, they care that you show them love and attention. That you feed and water them and that you spend your time with them.

A Dog Needs a Job

This may sound silly but think about it. Dogs were bred for hundreds of years to do a job. They might have been hunters, babysitters, visiting therapy dogs, service dogs, search and rescue helpers, cart and sled pullers and so much more.  

The dog lying on your couch right now still has that instinct to do something. But more importantly, to please you. All their previous jobs were designed not only as an activity but to allow them to make their master happy.

Today, you can take your dog to obedience classes in which they will learn basic commands like sit, stay, come and leave it. Using positive reinforcement, your dog will realize that if he or she does what you ask, they will make you happy. The added bonus for them would be a reward for doing what they were told.

Getting Started

Check with your local canine school for obedience classes and from there, you and your pup could join a rally or agility class which is like an obstacle course for your dog. There are also carting classes, search and rescue and service dog classes.

If your dog loves people and is good under stress, you may want to train them in therapy. They must first pass a general obedience class and then take a year of therapy dog training.

After the classes, there is a test to pass, and you and your dog would be able to visit schools, hospitals, libraries and other places where individuals and groups need a little “dog therapy.” This is different than a service dog as therapy dogs will visit many people and service dogs work for one person, their owner.  

If your dog is sad, bored or chewing everything in sight, he or she needs a job; which is a great way to spend time together.

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